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What features of Meeyland.com Website do users exploit?

Website Meeyland.com – Version 1 officially came into operation.

Surely we can not forget the impressive images, emotions of joy and pride in the launch of Version 1 brand Meeyland.com.

Our version 1 has officially been put into operation since 11/23.

Right at the opening ceremony, many customers and investors had the first experience of the features of meeyland.com website.

This is said to be an easy-to-see interface, easy to visualize and easy to use, with intensive features, not too many cumbersome details but satisfying most basic search needs first when a person users want to post information, find buying and selling information, or renting out their properties.

What are the gadgets on Meeyland.com?


Website not only to post information about real estate purchases, but also to quickly update information developments, analysis, comments, real estate market orientation, knowledge of real estate purchase, list of notary public offices.


-Real estate search engine on the map – this is one of the preeminent and convenient features for Meeyland.com customers.


-The 360 ​​° photo tool has been updated to help homebuyers to see real estate most visually right on their computer screens.


So, how to post on Meeyland?


=> There are 2 ways to post on Meeyland.com:


*Option 1: Post directly on Meeyland.com – post current without account

– Investor (investor) access Meeyland.com, click on “Post” and then follow the instructions, finally click on the posting item;

– If the system notifies the successful posting, please review and complete the posting form. Note the fields marked “*” are required. Note, the system of Meeyland.com is an automated system so investors should pay attention to fill in the information so that the ad is displayed as soon as possible. In addition, investors will be given additional points to account for rating when posting full information as specified by the website;

– How to post without an account will quickly, save time for investors, but can not edit and manage ads posted on the website.


*  Method 2: Post information with an account registered on Meeyland.com


Investors access the website at www.meeyland.com;

+Complete the membership registration form on the website;

+ After completing the account registration process, if the registration is successful, the system will send notification and activation instructions via email;

+ Log in your personal email to confirm and activate your registered account.

Meeyland encourages investors to create accounts to manage listings as well as manage transactions more easily

Who can I contact if I need it?
Customers who need support can contact the company hotline at 0869.092.929; Email: [email protected] or contact our office address.


Let’s experience the great features of version 1 right away




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