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Affiliate marketing is an emerging business model that benefits many participants, including sellers, suppliers and buyers.

Here are 8 amazing statistics about Affiliate Marketing in the world


$ 5.3 billion was spent on the affiliate marketing market in the US in 2017 .

A Forrester Consulting study looked at U.S. affiliate marketing spending and predicted that total domestic affiliate marketing spend would increase 10.1% per year until 2020. Total spending on activities Affiliate marketing activity in the US in 2017 is reported to be 5.3 billion dollars. By 2020, this spending could increase to $ 6.8 billion. Can see the Affiliate Marketing market in the US is “hot” and a lucrative bait for how the audience.

81% of Brands Use Affiliate Marketing Programs

In the past, affiliate marketing programs were mainly used by advertising units and intermediaries to sell goods effectively and have a lot of income. But now here, this to create their own revenue. As of 2016, 81% of major brands and 84% of suppliers .

His Search Interest Has Risen 30% For The Keyword “Affiliate Marketing”

According to statistical reports from Google Trends, from September 2016 to September 2017, search interest in the phrase “affiliate marketing” increased by 30%, suggesting an increasing number of users. Interested in this marketing model, or you want to learn how to get involved


20% of Supplier’s Annual Sales Generated Through Affiliate Marketing

Many vendors today have adapted their online business strategy to generate revenue through social media, such as Snapchat Discover, to compensate for the declining sales. Affiliate marketing in the form of advertising and product reviews has generated 20% of annual revenue for suppliers in many fields.

16% of Online Orders Generated Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has contributed to driving the number of online orders similar to other forms of Online Marketing such as email marketing, promotions, special sales events. Similarly, paid searches drive 20% of online orders and unpaid search accounts account for 21% of online orders.

An Influencer Can Bring In $ 7 Million In Revenue For Affiliate Marketing In A Year.

Jason Stone, known on Instagram as Millionaire Mentor, generated $ 7 million in retail sales between June 2016 and June 2017 through affiliate marketing programs. The curator made it clear that he only participated in affiliate marketing campaigns that suited the interests of the audience.

It can be said that affiliate marketing is considered successful when you use influencers to support the promotion of products to the right group of customers..

Fashion Is The Most Popular Affiliate Marketing Category Then Sports And Health

According to an analysis of over 550 affiliate marketing programs, 18.7% of affiliate campaigns promote fashion-related products. Affiliate marketing for sports and outdoor activities accounts for 14.6%, and health / health care and beauty make up 11.1%. These are probably the 3 most popular affiliate marketing categories today due to their quick profitability and huge user appeal


Influencers Receive 1-10% Commissions When Affiliate Marketing With Amazon

In March 2017, Amazon changed the commission rate for its affiliate marketing activities. Previously, participants in affiliate marketing could earn from 4-8.5% of product revenue. Now, if you participate in affiliate marketing with Amazon, you can earn commissions of up to 10% to promote luxury goods and the lowest commission is 1% for the sale of video games



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