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The first Vietnamese start-up conducted an IPO in the US

VTV.vn – VNG – Start-up Vietnam is expected to list shares on NASDAQ – the largest stock exchange in the United States and the 2nd largest in the world.

VNG’s plan was actualized by signing an agreement to promote the IPO process between VNG and NASDAQ this morning (May 30 – Vietnam time). According to analysts, if successful, this will be the first Vietnamese company to IPO in the United States.

Ông Lê Hồng Minh – Chủ tịch kiêm Tổng giám đốc VNG và Phó chủ tịch tập đoàn NASDAQ Bob McCooey tại buổi ký kết

Mr. Le Hong Minh – Chairman and CEO of VNG and Vice President of NASDAQ Group Bob McCooey at the signing ceremony.

Sharing about this decision, Le Hong Minh, General Director of VNG, acknowledged that the IPO in the US was a big challenge. However, VNG hopes that this challenge will motivate turning-points in thinking, organization and internal people so that the company can move faster into global markets and be ready for the wave. industrial revolution 4.0.

Mr. McCooey – Vice President of NASDAQ said that he was very impressed with the growth of VNG start-up, one of the reasons NASDAQ decided to sign an agreement on IPO on the most important stock exchange worldwide. “VNG can be the focus and symbol of the Vietnamese economy,” McCooey said.

It is known that NASDAQ is also where Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Ebay .., and many other technology companies are currently listing their shares.

Founded in 2004, with 5 members, up to now, the number of VNG employees has reached 2000. Many products of this start-up are gaining popularity in the country and the region such as Zalo and Zing thanks to different efforts and thinking. In particular, Zalo is the most impressive product of VNG with 70 million users.

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