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Product development plan for the first 6-8 months

The product development plan for the first 6-8 months and the digital marketing plan for this product is basically completed.

Product and market development teams are ready. Starting from early October into operation.


The basic product capability will initially be launched in early November. It is recommended that the Lead team be prepared for an individual strategic plan to post additional support in communications for the digital marketing team. Proposing to the Capital Fund team to really focus and work effectively so that the Capital can reach the set plan. The other positions are ready for each step to enter the company when it is completed. The company is setting up an email for @ hoangmaichung.com, if any leads need it, inform IT. Internal management software will use Jira (English interface, but very easy to use and professional, not using the base). Researching Jira to later apply ISO in sync with it. Please inform all of the community. Meey Land Investors are aware of the progress schedule so that we can fight together. Each one should be a soldier on the economic front.

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