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Anyone can invest

The project is financed under the crowdfunding model (crowdfunding) - It proposes investment opportunities with small amounts.
Therefore, anyone can contribute to the development of the project.

4 Years

Suction investment capital into the project

750000 Investors

Contribute capital and support the development of the project
Forming an ecosystem

10 countries

There are people involved in the project

What are your benefits?

High discount
The stock is now offered at hundreds of times cheaper than the valuation value according to independent evaluation
Has a stake in a giant corporation
You can become the co-owner of one of the region's largest real estate corporations
Dividend from operations
Upon successful implementation of the project, you receive dividends corresponding to the number of shares in your business
Profit from rising stock prices
Stock prices go up in stages and you can take profits even before the IPO.
The company will create maximum conditions to protect your interests.

Why did we choose crowdfunding?

Because it takes a lot of money to capture market opportunities by the time and increase the absolute feasibility of the project
- To implement a completely new project to create a real estate ecosystem that requires a large amount of money up to hundreds of millions of dollars, large funds and investors cannot meet such funding.
- - Project needs 10% of the money from investors to ensure its success
- Now it is 3 times bigger so it is more likely to succeed
- Since our human resources is 10 times bigger than before, we are sure of our success
- It is a story of the logic of thinking that everyone understands.It is a logical thinking story that anyone can undestand
- The rest of the money is invested in developing real esate projects.
- With low initial investment, we offer you an opportunity to cooperate and reach to anyone that believes in investing in the project.
- This also increase investment volume in the project.
- Crowdfunding is the way to increase project awareness
- Developing this idea enables more people aware of the project
- Increasing demand on the market
- Cutting down the marketing cost, increase efficiency, profits and return on investment
- Customer plays an important role in this eco system
- Crowdfunding incorporates with partnership program has become an effective marketing and economical tool.
- Partners are not only supportive of attracting investors but they also help seeking potential customers in Vietnam and around the world.
Everyone who do research on this project want to have an influence on their life and willing to do that
-When an end-user pays for the product development fee – proving its demand and neccessity on the market
- To serve crowdfunding, we have created a separate investment floor.
- It allows the Investor to accurately control the budget, plan an effective project development without paying intermediaries.
- Increasing liquidity and profit-taking ability for OTC investors.

What did we achieve?

By connecting with hundreds of people around the world, we have achieved more than we expected with small amount of money.
Hardware upgrade
Website completion:
Perfecting facilities
Perfecting the personnel apparatus
Establishment of business
Complete the legal basis
Hire a consultant
Researching investment projects
Hardware upgrade
We calculate maximum server system performance based on user traffic and large data processing level Big data
Website completion:
Make perfect of current features
Develop on planned modulé
Build apps running on IOS & Andriod
Do market research
Define brand name and complete Corporate Identity Program (CIP)
Implement communication campaigns
Increase brand awareness, maitain user trafic, number of accounts created and revenue
Perfecting facilities
Invest in office
Invest in human resources
Perfecting the personnel apparatus
Recruiting process
Build human resource management process
Apply IT in human resource management
Establishment of business
Rent Office
Business Registration
Registration tax code
Complete the legal basis
Complete business registration
Register for intellectual property right
Complete legal documents calling for capital
Hire consultants to complete IPO documents
Hire a consultant
Legal advisory
Financial advisory
IT advisory
Bussiness managment advisory
Communication management advisory
Project management advisory
Consulting investment project management
Researching investment projects
Improve on project management team
Do research on the feasibility of the project Implement the project
Grasp this opportunity to invest in a global project showing to the world its effectiveness and neccessity.

Grasp this opportunity to invest in a global project showing to the world its effectiveness and neccessity.

Why is investment now beneficial?
The project is finaced under the crowdfunding model (raising small amounts of money from a large number of people) which offers investment opportunity with small amount of money. Therefore, anyone can contribute to the development of the project.

High discount

The stock can now be purchased at thousands of times lower than the benchmark value according to independent evaluation. After each period of preferential prices will be lower, the share price will be higher.

Co-owned intellectual property, patent

By investing now, you have become a co-owner of all technologies and when you realize them, you will receive dividends from each project. After stage 18 there will be no more opportunities.

Contribute to nation building

By contributing to the development of this project, you are helping to develop a Vietnamese startup business to the World.
This real estate ecosystem not only benefits you, benefits the society from paying taxes, creates jobs for employees, but also motivates future generations of startups.
How to invest in MEEY LAND ?
Register user account (Update detailed information
Choose the right invesment package and payment method
Receive certificate on registering as co-owner of the company
Optimal data processing technology allows solving many problems for Users
Seller / rental
Due to finding the right customers,:
Trade faster
Higher price
Less advertising costs
Buyer / Rent
Because there are more options, so:
- Finding a more suitable real estate
- Shorter period of time
- Reasonable price
Who supported the project
Mr: Hoang Manh Tuan
Project investors
Ms. Nguyen Thuy Phuong
Deputy Director Of International Capital
Minh Hiếu
Mr. Vo Dai Minh Hieu
Project investors
Ms. Ho Thi Yet
Project investors
Mrs. Thanh Huyen
Project investors
ảnh power point
journalist Tran Dang Hung
Chairman of Vietnam Business Newspaper Board
Why are people all over the planet investing in the MEEY LAND Ecosystem
We have investment recommendations for everyone
-Starting from 230.000 VND (10$)
-Short-term invesment,take profit and liquidity after each stage
-Bigger invesments with higher discount rate
-Invest time and effort to develop the system in order to get referral commissions
-Make long term investment before IPO, be able
Register and choose the investment proposal that suits you
Answer the most frequently asked questions

Which kind of documents will I receive after investing?

After investing, you will be put into the electronic register with the owners and can order to send the certificate of ownership of shares:
-Share Certificate: key information shown on the certificate includes personal information and others related to shares regulation
-Excerpt from the register: including details about owned shares which will be used in legal agreement, for example inheritence process.
- Submit documents to the Boards as soon as you invest.

Does my invest of only $10 mean anything?

The project operates under the Crowdfunding investment program, therefore small amount of money invested in our program is significant to the project.

Let’s calculate: If each person invest just a small amount of money, it will eventually become a bigger amount of money. As a result, you can maximize your invesment and realize the project
Interesting rewards for the investors: High chance of payback for investors thanks to the increase in stock prices and returned divendends, regardless of the number or volumes of shares.


Is it possible to transfer shares or transfer inherited shares?

The stock is your property, like your apartment or car. There are documents which certify your ownership. You have the right of disposition, buy or sell stock shares, transfer to the heirs.
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