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How to post real estate news effectively?

How to post ads quickly, save costs, and reach potential customers are the advantages that make online ads used by many people to sell houses.

A few notes below help you post for the most effective deals.

  • Reputable website

With the rapid growth of the internet, posting real estate news on real estate websites is becoming more and more popular and trusted by many people. choosing a strong BDS site will help house listings reach customers, connecting potential buyers.

  • Effective post location

Websites often have free posting support. But to make news easier to reach customers, sellers should choose the form of posting a service fee. Do not regret the cost to choose to post in the Vip position, because this area is displayed prominently, beautifully and attracts the most readers. A large number of readers also means that your home has more opportunities to sell fast, sell more

Choose a reputable website and an effective location to post

2. Choose when to post


 Frame 7-9am (when people are going to work and surf social media to check out the news)
- 11h30-12h30 (lunch break, need to find information)
- 20h-22h (relaxing time after dinner).

Choose the “golden” time to post a sale.

3. Posting specifications

Layout: A listing of real estate for sale if full content will include: title, content, contact information of the seller and the image of the house for sale. Ad is short, but it must be written carefully, avoiding sloppy leads to misspellings, messy presentation, uninterrupted writing that makes it difficult for customers to get information. In contrast, professional listing content will show the reputation of the home seller, thereby creating more trust for customers.

Images: beautiful, eye-catching images will easily win the sympathy of buyers among hundreds, thousands of properties for sale of the same type. So take good, impressive, high-definition photos to post. To increase reliability and attractiveness, sellers should include short videos of panoramic and close-up houses in the listing. Choose daytime, the light will be better.

  • Postings must be impressive and attract customers


Message content

– Title: Ad title needs to be short but make sure to impress customers. The title must contain important keywords, highlighting the contents of the listing as “selling the main house”, “120m2 house”, “selling residential land” ..

– Attractive keywords: Should insert important keywords, showing the attractiveness and attraction right from the title, for example: Unique, cheapest, discount, only today … Note the insertion of words lock on the area and surrounding places so readers can easily visualize whether the location is suitable to their needs or not.

– Detailed introduction: Invest in product introduction content as detailed as possible to attract the attention of customers. The contents need special attention such as: Type of real estate for sale (houses, land, apartments …), area, land direction, legal status, selling price, surrounding amenities

– Contact information: Include the name, phone number and address (optional) of the seller. This information should be clearly written and avoid errors so that customers cannot be contacted


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