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  • Trustworthy cooperation

    Trustworthy cooperation

    We set up partnership on the base of mutal cooperation benefits and transperency
  • Training at different levels

    Training at different levels

    This model is built on the foundation of interaction among verified parters
    Increase profits quickly
    Your investments will increase in value after each stage of the project. You will soon receive your divendends when your business makes profits.
  • Easy to join in project

    Easy to join in project

    Reasonable marketing plan, allowing investment at all levels of interaction.
  • Develop profits quickly

    Develop profits quickly

    Your investments will increase in value according to each stage of the project's development. And you soon have dividends when your business is profitable.
  • Support 24/7

    Support 24/7

    Our information adminstration team will assist you with any concern you may have.
  • Join the partner program

    Join the partner program

    Learn the registration conditions as well as the plan to develop the project.

We Provide it for you

  • Effective tools

    Use landing page is one the ways to attract new investors and track your statistics in personal managament catergory.
    Our crowdfunding website, social network sites and presentation documents will help you work effectively.
  • Professional training

    Effective and professional training classes allow you to become an expert in your work. Learn to manage business effectively and build succesful network among groups. Leading guest speakers will share their key to success.

  • Valuable experience

    When attracting investors to the project, you will be the driving force for the advance of global real estate. You will engage in the groundbreaking yet essential real estate trading in the world which is an interesting job.
  • Guest speakers’ support

    We often organize webinars and offline meetings where you can invite potential investors so that they are aware of the details of the project

Story success of our partners

  • Ms. Ho Thi Yet

    Ms. Ho Thi Yet

    The truth that I take the principle of: "Do the right thing to win a time - Follow the winner for a lifetime ... [chi tiết]
    Mr. Vo Dai Minh Hieu

    Mr. Vo Dai Minh Hieu

    With Meeyland, direction and responsibility in the first steps, success is inevitable ... [chi tiết]
  • Mr. Hoang Manh Tuan

    Mr. Hoang Manh Tuan

    I love Meeyland more than myself. My mission is to make many people accompany me to become billionaires ... [chi tiết]

Way to become Partner

Sign up an account
Make an investment to become an investor
Share promotional links, promote the project and develop profits from Meeyland.

Start your road to success Become a partner now

How to become a Partner

  • 1What do I get when I become a partner?

    You should become an investor before becoming a partner. The more investors buy stock, the faster each stages of stocks is processing. Stock price will gradually increase when it becomes rarer. The following price is always higher than the previous one. The project is well invested when receiving huge amounts of money. Then continue improving the product and develop the business. The number of users increases rapidly, the business will have profitable resource to pay divendends. By the fiffth year, the company has conducted IPO. Stock value will increase which is directly proportional to the revenue and the businesss valuation at that moment. The business has share reward by accumulating shares when you introduce investors.
  • 2How can I withdraw money?

    If you are in Vietnam, you can directly withdraw from bank accounts. If you are overseas, you can switch to intermediary bank such as: Qiwi, Bitcoin, Advcash, Perfect Money, Web money.
  • 3How can I take back my invested money?

    Yes. You can transfer your existing shares to others to take profits. The transferring process may be announced as an internal form on the website. Or you can transfer the entire account directly to others as agreed
  • 4How can I keep track of the amount of money invested?

    In personal account management, you can track every account registered through your Partner ID, as well as all payments.
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