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The 10 hottest AI apps in the world

What is AI technology? AI technology comes from a computer scientist in the US, John McCarthy. In 1956 at the time of The Dartmouth conference, he introduced his concepts and work. Until now, AI technology is a term math problem. These terms include robots’ automation and practical statements.

AI technology has been applied in many businesses because of its ability to process large amounts of information in extremely fast time, bringing outstanding benefits.

AI technology is very popular in the world and has received the attention of many people in the era of the explosion of the 4.0 Technology Revolution. Thanks to the outstanding feature is the ability to process Big Data. This ability will bring a new position of AI technology. Especially for the data of businesses and contribute to the consolidation of hardware technology. In addition it also works to accelerate the signals in a short time.


Let’s find out 10 technology applications Who is the HOT in the 21st century?

1. Production of natural language (Nature Language Generation, NLG)

Generates documents from self-aggregated computer data.

2. Voice recognition

Convert human speech into a form that computer applications can understand.

3. Virtual administrator

From simple chatbots to advanced systems that can connect with people, this technology is being used in customer service, user support, and smart home management.

4. Machine Learning platform

Provides algorithms, APIs, training and development toolkit, data as well as computational technologies to design, train, and deploy machine models into applications, processes, and machines hook.

5.Hardware optimized AI

Including GPU processors and special devices designed to be able to perform AI tasks most effectively.

6. Managing decision making

This is a technology that introduces rules and logic into the AI ​​system for initial setup / training to enable them to maintain and adjust continuously.

7. Deep Learning platform

As a special area of ​​machine learning, deep learning is a program that runs on an artificial neural network, capable of training computers to learn huge amounts of data.

8. Biometrics

This technology allows for a more natural interaction between humans and machines, including image recognition, fingerprints, human speech and gestures.

9. Robotic Process Automation

Use coding and other methods to automate human activity using robots to support work more efficiently.

10. Textual analysis and natural language processing

Nature Language Process (NLP) is used to support the analysis of sentence structures and meanings in text through statistical methods and machine learning.

Above is the information needed to help you understand what AI technology is and how it will affect the lives of the world in the future.


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